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Eco Friendly Coffins In Surrey, East Sussex & Kent

As time moves forward, more and more of us are becoming sensitive to the ways in which our lives impact the environment and, as a result of this, would like to conduct ourselves in a more eco-friendly manner. In line with this, Alex Jones offers eco-friendly coffins made of sustainable materials, so your loved one can continue to make a positive impact on the environment after they have gone. 

  • The Willow: a willow coffin, hand-crafted with sustainable willow and simple lining. An environmentally-friendly option.
  • The Woodland: a light wood effect coffin made from reconstituted wood, furnished with wooden handles and lined with a simple interior. The Woodland is also available in solid oak with a natural beeswax finish. In our opinion, this is one of our most environmentally-friendly coffins.

Wicker Coffins

Our wicker coffins are made from willow and are a beautiful alternative to a traditional wooden coffin. In addition to the environmentally friendly nature of the coffin,  our elegant and visually aesthetic wicker coffins can be personalised with a flower garland or dyed with a splash of colour. If you have any questions about the nature of these coffins, please get in touch with the supportive team here at Alex Jones.

Operating throughout Surrey, East Sussex and Kent, we have four offices located in Lingfield, Oxted, Forest Row and Edenbridge. Alex Jones Funeral Directors always strive to offer an understanding ear and a helping hand when it comes to celebrating the life of loved ones. If you would like to find out more about our themed services, give our friendly team a call.